Jan 10, 2011

i think, right now, i realized we don't belong together, because i'll never belong to anyone or anything, and neither those things, or anyone, they could never belong to me, cause nothing belongs to anyone, but people don't realize that. maybe their so called possessions, they are the ones who possess people while they are here, while we are here.

i've never meant stop breathing for missing someone, because that's not possible, and i'll not be possible, at least for me. i can still breathe with or without you, missing or not missing you, cause it doesn't matter what happens, i can't count on anyone to live.

i think i am in my path now, and that's a whole another world, and i'm not sure if i want to be happy, or if i even know how to be and stay happy, cause i just see the bad things on everything even looking for the good thing. but now i'm sure i have something more to keep going. for a while.